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    I own the Rigid 14" band saw. It is rated for up to 1/2" blades. I would like to resaw small (6"+-) logs for exotic effects. Anyone tried running a 3"resaw blade on this machine?

    any suggestions?

    art johnson

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    3" blade on 14" BS wheels?

    I think the radius of the wheels on a 14" BS is way too small for a 3" blade, even for a 1" blade. The width of the wheels is not even wide enough to accept a blade this wide.

    IF you could find a 3/4" blade of the correct length that might work, but that would be about the limit for a 14" BS.

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      I think you may have miss typed the 3" resaw blade requirement, even the 36" Minimax with 8.9 HP and 21.5" resaw capacity will only take a 2" blade. You will do just fine with a 3/4" Timberwolf blade, just go slow on hardwood or anything over 6" if you have the riser kit


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        There is no need to use 3/4" blades for your application.

        I use 1/2" Woodslicer blades from Highland Hardware. I've resawn slices of maple, cherry, and other woods up to 5" wide with no problem. Just go at a nice even pace.

        I used to use 1/2" Timberwolf blades, and they are good. But then I tried Woodslicer and they are even better!

        Here's a link to Highland Hardware. Just type "woodslicer" in the search box: