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Over priced or worth it????

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  • Over priced or worth it????

    Hello all,
    I am looking at two different router tables for my TS3612 one is the Benchdog and the other is rocklers router table.The bench dog is about 3 bones and the rockler is about half that. My question is, is the bench dog that much better??
    I know some of you have made your own out there and they look great and who knows I may yet go that rout if I can get creative enough and there is enough of an cost difference. HELP!!!!

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    If you are looking at something to just assemble and use, I'd go with something other than Rockler. The table and fence are nice, but there are better ones out there. If you are looking to do something nice, look at the NYW current router table plans. Plenty of storage and dust collection and you can make the top any way you want to fit either a home made fence or a store bought one.


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      I bought the Rockler and have been very happy with it. I know some others have the Benchdog and are happy with them. Worth extra cash? Personal decision I would say. I think either one will do a good job for you.