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  • TS3650 aligment

    i both this amazing table saw but when i used the miter gauge , the back guide bar don't let it go thru, so i adjusted the back guide bar and know the fence (back part) almost touch the table ....what can i do???????

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    I have the 3650 and the manual states when adjusting rails to use several pages of the manual as a gauge so the fence rides evenly over the table. As long as the fence doesn't rub the table and slides easily,locks square you should be fine. I used feeler gauges to set mine as close to the table as possible (without rubbing the top as you slide it) this keeps thin material from sliding under the fence as I cut formica for countertops alot. The back rail should be below the miter gauge slot if set up properly. If the fence isn't touching the top your fine. Rick.