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Oak Planer Shavings In The Garden???

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  • Oak Planer Shavings In The Garden???

    Guy's & Gal's,
    Can anyone tell me if oak shavings that I have just planed will harm a vegetable garden??? I would like to spread the 2 ea. 55 gallon bags of planer dust caught from my dust collector over the garden and till it in...

    I look forward to the reply's...
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    Oak contains tanic acid so it will effect your ph.
    Most soils are too acid already and lime needs to be added. However that said the shavings will also provide certain nutrients and help break down clays. I use my shop shavings in the garden and flower beds and just add lime from time to time. In my area the dump takes yard waste and grinds it very fine and it becomes the best compost you can get and it is free.

    NEVER use black walnut shavings, or treated wood shavings they will kill most plants.
    Rev Ed


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      My wife has used the shavings from my table saw and joiner in her garden with no ill effects.
      She's a good gardener so I'm sure she checkes the PH of the soil. I've had a lot of red oak lately, and she's taken it all. She says the oak changes the color of her Hidrangers(?) to Blue, which is what she was after. She also mixes the shaveings with coffee grounds.
      Rob Johnson

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      Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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        Garden folks say to age them first... green wood actually absorbs nitrogen from the soil in the decomposition process.

        I doubt whether you were planing green oak, unless the heart was still "fresher" than the surface. FWIW...