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Beautiful Resaw with stock blade

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  • Beautiful Resaw with stock blade

    For kicks, I tuned up my BS1400 (grey) and strapped on the stock blade that came with the riser to see how good the resaw was with a crap blade. I got great results doing a 1/8 inch resaw on 6 inch wide red oak board. The usual saw marks were seen, but after setting for a slight blade drift (92 degress) I got great results. Her is what I did...

    Used a spreader clamp and straight edge to tension the drive belt with perpendicular wheels

    Balanced the drive wheels of the bandsaw

    sanded the tires on the wheels with 120 grit sandpaper co-centric and flat

    adjusted the guides with tight tolerances

    tensioned and tracked the blade with the "deflection method"

    Set a homebrew MDF fence to the drift of the blade

    I used all stock bandsaw parts and got great results. It looks like all you need to do is spend some time tuning this saw up to get great results. I still am getting some startup/shutdown vibration that seems to be due to the motor and saw flexing on the thin metal support of the base. I am going to shore up the mounting plate by supporting it with some 3/4 inch plywood sub-base this next weekend. I have a link belt on order to even further reduce viration.

    Since I got the saw for $230 on sale over Christmas and spent $70 on the riser on I am a very happy camper.

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    What do you think about the New orange BS1400? I also have the grey BS1400 and I am using the Ridgid replacment blades from HD what brand blade would you recommend using?


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      Sulfolk machinery makes a Timberwolf line of blades that are amazing. In addition, I would recommend Olson Pro series which are easier to find. If you go with timberwolf blades, buy direct, right now they are running a sales buy 3 get one free. Do not get them at woodcraft because they are marked up 100%.

      I usually pay $18 for a Olson Pro blade and about $15 plus shipping for timberwolf blades. I prefer timberwolf blades, buy my local wood store caries the Olson blades so they are easier to get.


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        The Suffolk sale came out as soon as that FWW article hit the stands (coincidence, I don't think so). I ordered the Woodslicer,$30 so it's more, but they really saw some problems with the Timberwolf blades. I was surpised since they usually get great reviews, but that article wasn't Timberwolfs friend.