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BS1400 cutting problem

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  • BS1400 cutting problem

    I purchased a hardly used BS1400 and everything looks great. The vibration is minimal. However, I have adjusted the tension and have completed all of the adjustments to both the upper and lower blade guides (per the manual) but the saw wants to cut at an angle. I beleive the stock blade (3/8) is still on the saw. I tried making a straight cut on a 3/4 in piece of cherry and the saw pulls the piece to the left causing the cut to move to the right as I am cutting. Even with a mitre guide. Any Ideas??

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    Re: BS1400 cutting problem

    It looks like the blade is dull and needs to be replaced.

    Band saws do not necessarily cut a nice straight line, parallel to the fence or edge of the table, like a table saw might. In actuality, a blade will have a tendency to cut along a path that is most efficient for the blade and if the teeth are duller on one side than the other, or if the tooth set is off, the cut will be along a path that is angular to the table. This is commonly referred to as "blade drift".

    Many band saw fences are designed to be adjustable for "drift". The exact angle is often determined by drawing a line on a piece of stock and then free-hand cutting along that line for several inches or so (I generally cut a line about the width of the table). Then examine the angle that the wood piece is at.... which is the angle of "drift" for that particular blade.

    It should be noted that as a blade wears, that angle may change too.

    The other thing that is recommended is to use a sharpening stone to round off the back of the blade. Often the manufacturing process will leave a slight burr on the back edge of the blade. After I have the new blade installed and everything is properly set up, I run the saw and using great caution, I use a "stone" to round over the back edge of the blade, being careful, of course, not to contact the teeth and also not to apply the stone so hard as to push it forward into the clearance plate. The idea is to just deburr and remove any drag that may exist on the back edge of the blade.

    Try a new blade and I'm sure it will make a world of difference. Timberwolf blades from are highly recommended.

    I hope this helps,


    ps, Welcome to the forum!
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      Re: BS1400 cutting problem

      Yup, most OEM stock blades are junk. Replace the blade and things should improve.
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