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TP1300LS for $230, good price?

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  • TP1300LS for $230, good price?

    I saw a reconditioned TP1300LS for $230 + tax today. I've been wanting a planer for a while, but the R4330 is expensive. I am hoping that Black Friday brings down the price of the R4330, but I think it's wishful thinking. The TP1300LS gets excellent reviews from a lot of users and most likely be enough of a planer for me (this is a hobby). It comes with 3-yr warranty. I figure if it is going to fail, it would fail within that time frame.

    What do you think? Is $230 + tax a good price for a reconditioned TP1300LS?

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    Re: TP1300LS for $230, good price?

    Nothing special about that price as it's right in the ballpark for recon planers of this class. You might want to double check that warranty claim though as I think the recon Ridgid tools only carry a 1 year warranty and are not eligible for the LLSA Program.
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