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TS2400 or TS4510 same saw???

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  • TS2400 or TS4510 same saw???

    I have a line on a used/new in box ts2400, so I stopped in HD to check out a new one. They have the ts2400, but I also noticed a very similar saw in a box with the # ts4510 on it. What's the difference? They are both marked at $499.



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    Re: TS2400 or TS4510 same saw???

    The R4510 replaces the TS2400. Changes include the addition of a riving knife, relocation of the power switch and a tool-less table insert.


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      Re: TS2400 or TS4510 same saw???

      Thanks Tom,

      That makes sense. The "helpers" at HD had no clue, and I was having trouble searching the forums on my iPhone. Guess I'll go with the half price older 2400 with no warranty instead of the full price 4510.



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        Re: TS2400 or TS4510 same saw???

        I asked this elsewhere, but has anybody had a chance to do a really good comparison between the TS2410 and the replacement R4500?

        This is important, because both Ridgid and Ryobi in the past have brought out replacement products (remember their thickness planers?) that were actually inferior to the items they were replacing.

        One thing I am curious about involves table sizes and the integrity of the fences. I have looked at the Bosch 4100 (which some claim is very similar to the new R4510) and its fence appeared flimsy compared to that of the TS2410.

        Howard Ferstler


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          Re: TS2400 or TS4510 same saw???

          Table size is nearly identical. Changes I saw include the splitter/riving knife (nearly identical to the Bosch 4100), 3 1/2" cutting capacity (good for one-pass cuts on 4x4's, which only the Makita will also do), quick release split guard (again, nearly identical to Bosch's), power switch moved to nearly the same place as the Bosch, "newer" micro-adjust knob (although it essentially works the same way), easy to remove anti-kickback pawls (again, nearly identical to Bosch's), fence storage moved to a slot inside the shell of the saw (although one comment I saw online stated they didn't see this as a plus, because if the fence isn't being used up top and is left in it's slot, it could fill up with sawdust...I'm neutral on that), and the sled seems a bit easier to fold up.

          With the 15% you'd get with the Ridgid "Friends and Family" discount coupon / rebate (through the end of the year) available for download on Ridgid's site, that'd bring it down to $425, nearly $175 less than the Bosch.

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            Re: TS2400 or TS4510 same saw???

            i am really having a hard time deciding between this and the bosch 4100. The bosch is $550 at lowes (if you pm at hd, its 500), so price is not a factor. The bosch is "tried and true" and has a phenominal reputation. The ridgid is attractive since it has a larger table, and I really like the micro adjust. BUT, how is the motor/power? How does the fence compare to the bosch?

            on a side note, can someone tell me about the arbor width of the ridgid... how wide of a dado can it accept? Can I safely make 3/4" wide dados with the ridgid (i guess i am asking is the arbor long enough)...

            Thanks in advance...