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Selecting a new band saw

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  • Selecting a new band saw

    Hi everyone,
    I was seriously looking at the Ridgid bandsaw (I already own a few Ridgid tools and I am very satisfied with them) but after all the talk about Ridgid and Ryobi, I do not know anymore. I am now looking at the Grizzly G0555 band saw. I was wondering if someone has any experience with it and compare it with the Ridgid. Thanks.

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    The Griz G0555 is a much more recent model having only been on the market for a couple of months. Receiving very good reviews on the Woodnet forum. Regardless of the Ridgid/Ryobi situation the Griz differences would make me go with it if I had to make the choice today:

    2 speeds, 4" dust port, 1HP motor, quick blade tensioner/detensioner, blade roller guide bearings and comes with fence as standard.



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      I have the Grizzly G0555 bandsaw. Took a while for it to ship, I was one of the unlucky ones that ordered early and had to wait for their production to catch up with their orders. I believe that problem has been corrected.

      It's a GREAT saw for the money. I installed the 6" riser and ordered 105" Timberwolf blades and this baby resaws Oak and Maple like a hot knife through butter.

      I couldn't be happier with this machine. The packaging/set-up was great. Dust collection works very well through the 4" port and the quick tension release mechanism is very convenient.

      All in all, a super value.

      I can't compare it to the RIDGID though, because the new RIDGID saw wasn't out yet when I purchased the Griz so I never had the opportunity to compare the two.


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        dadman, I've always been curious how shipping is handled by Grizzly on such large items. I know it must be delivered by freight truck. I have also heard that many of them DO NOT unload the cargo.

        Can you specify that you want it delivered by a truck with a lift gate? Like most people, I have to work for a living. Can you arrange a convienient delivery time?


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          I have the G0555 and love it. I can't imagine a better saw for the money.

          As for how shipping is handled, Grizzly will call you to schedule a shipping date or, if you prefer, you can pick it up at your local shipping facility. I have had two things shipped and both times the driver helped me unload.


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            I bought the 0555 approximately a month ago, ordered it on a Thursday evening, shipped Friday, received a call Monday from Grizzly that the truck was involved in an accident and 18 tools had to be returned to the warehouse (mine included). They shipped a new one out Tuesday and it arrived Friday. I was fortunate enough to have an excellent driver; he unloaded it, put it on a dolly and wheeled it up to my garage without my even asking for assistance. The saw has seen limited use thus far but I’m rather impressed with it, I somewhat expected to find some inferior workmanship and/or materials considering all the features for the price. I just received an assortment of Timberwolf blades so I’m anxious to load one up and see if the difference is as notable as advertised. Good luck with your search, I have no regrets.



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              Thanks for all the replies. It looks like I'll be ordering the Grizzly. I will miss the lifetime warranty from Rigid though.


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                If you live in Washington and order from Grizzly, they ship using Oak Harbor Freight. This company uses liftgate trucks and can deliver to the ground.



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                  Boy, after reading all the latest posts with the warranty problems, I am glad I purchased the Grizzly G0555 bandsaw instead of the Rigdid. I hesitated for while but after receiving it and assembling it, I do not think you can get a better saw for the price ($430 delivered to my door and no sales tax). I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. This is a great tool.


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                    I bought the Delta 28-276 and it has many of the features that the Grizzly has. 4" DC port, quick tension release. It didn't have a fence or miter gauge though and it has a 3/4 horse motor that comes wired for 110V but can be changed to 220V. It doesn't have the bearing guides, but I installed cool blocks and a fasttrack fence and I love the saw. I only paid $399.00 and I didn't have to deal with shipping. I was going to buy the Ridgid, but the saw that was on display was not too encouraging. I grabbed a straight edge to check the wheel alignment because it looked to be off by a large amount and it wasn't co-planer. The top wheel was out by almost a full ¼".