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Feather Board on TS2400 Fence

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  • Feather Board on TS2400 Fence

    Hi All,
    I just bought a Ridgid TS2400 table saw, after comparing it with the Bosch 4000 and the Dewalt DW744.

    One of the many reasons I bought the TS2400 is because it has T-slots in the fence. I bought a set of Bench Dog feather boards, and I want to mount one to the table and one to the TS2400 fence using the 1/4" bolts.

    The manual says to build an auxiliary fence and mount the feather board on that. I'm confused. Is there a good reason why I can't just mount the feather board right on the fence itself? Am I missing something here?

    Also, please feel free to send along any other advice about the TS2400 that you think would be helpful to a new user.


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    You'll find that the Bdog Fboards don't allow you much space for thicker stock if they are in the fence slots. I built an aux fence with a tall side & a short side. It slips over the fence so I can use either side. I just use 5" Bessy uniclamps to put the Fboards in the perfect spot. It's actually easier than messing with the slots.



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      I see what you mean now!

      I bought the featherboards the same day I bought the saw, and when I tried to install the featherboards on the fence, I quickly realized that the "feathers" practically touch the saw table surface.

      The fence T-slots of the 2400 was one of the deciding factors for me on this saw. I compared it with the Bosch. I don't really see the purpose of the fence T-slots.