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TS3612- Took the plunge!!

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  • TS3612- Took the plunge!!


    I would like to thank all the opinions in this newsgroup. It was invaluable in helping me take the plunge on a "floor model" TS3612. It was missing a few parts and HD accepted my fair offer. (asked for and spoke to the manager, who accepted my offer on the spot - they are trying to get rid of the 3612's, so if you are on the edge go for it!)

    I spoke to Ridgid customer service and I felt they were pretty good. They are going to send me the missing miter fence for free. I heard a few posts bashing Ridgid cusomter wanted to share a positive experience as well.

    Thanks again for your posts!


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    Glad to hear it, and welcome to the club.

    Word of wisdom: download the manual (if you haven't already) and go through as much of the setup as you can, while you're waiting. I have been going through mine, and it was mechanically fine but outrageously and dangerously maladjusted.

    Fence was way off, splitter couldn't have worked (bolts that hold the guard support to the motor base were loose), insert plate sticking up (packed with sawdust underneath the rim), etc. Didn't surprise me in a floor model (I'm sure it was in better shape than some) but it wasn't really ready for 3600 rpm, either.

    It will be fine but I wouldn't take the HD setup for granted.


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      Thanks, Mark!

      Yeah, I do plan to check it out this weekend - perhaps not as thoroughly as some had suggested by disassembling and reassembling everything but atleast alignment and stuff like that.

      I wish I had got this saw on Saturday, so I could play with it during the weekend - now I have to just drool for a whole week before I get to play with it ;( I did turn on the saw - the hum of the motor is just so sweet compared to my delta benchtop!

      Man, funny story - the HD folks were giving me all kinds of ideas on how to take this 250LB saw home - renting their truck, renting their trailor, using a sheet of plywood as a ramp etc...I was taken aback by the height of the truck's bed - they'll help me load it up, but who's going to unload the beast! In the end they mentioned that HD can deliver for $75 - man, why didn't they say this in the first place!!

      It was a nobrainer option - I spent the extra $50 and had the saw deliverd today (monday) right at my garage - sure beats getting crushed by a 250LB beast!