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  • riving knife

    The riving knife on my 3660 is fine for a normal kerf blade. When I go to a thin kerf blade, it is too thick and will not allow me to cut with the knife assembly in place. Is there an accessory for thin kerf blades? Or, another way to solve the problem?

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    Re: riving knife

    I'm assuming you're talking about the splitter as the 3660 doesn't have a riving knife. Is the thin kerf blade you're referring too the one that came with your saw? If so then that is probably where your problem lies. For a while there Ridgid was shipping out bad blades with these saws. By that I mean the kerf of the blades was, shall we say, extra thin. There is nothing wrong with your splitter but there is something wrong with the OEM blade. Call Ridgid Customer Service and explain the situation to them. I can't remember for sure but I believe that Ridgid sent out new blades to others that had this problem.
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