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  • TS3650 accessories?

    Frequent reader, first time poster....

    I recently purchased a TS3650 and was wondering if anyone has had any luck getting accessories for this saw, particularly the zero clearance insert and the dado insert. I found the part numbers in the manual and have seen these part numbers mentioned on this board, but when I called both Ridgid and OrderTree, they told me that the accessories are not available yet. Is this true, or am I just being given incorrect information?

    Also, the 3650 is my first purchase for my shop, so until I get additional tools, I don't think that making inserts is an option.


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    Not being one who's had to try an order these....most of us make but you seem to not be equipped....I would defer to dave,dave.
    Just curious-are they in fact different than the 3612. Not having owned one I haven't clue.....gang. dave?
    Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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      As I understand it, the insert for the 3650 is different from the 3612. As yet, they don't have a dado nor zero clearnace. Just have to wait, though it took them 20 years to offer a zero-clearance for the 3612/Emerson contractors' model---so don't hold your breath


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        Originally posted by wwnovice:
        Frequent reader, first time poster....

        Also, the 3650 is my first purchase for my shop, so until I get additional tools, I don't think that making inserts is an option.
        Welcome wwnovice, hope you enjoy it here. Do you have any hand tools? By using your existing throat plate as a pattern, you should be able to turn out a blank insert for your 3650 with a jigsaw and a little sandpaper. Give it a try. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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          First, thanks for the welcome and for the input so far.

          Do you have any hand tools?
          Unfortunately, I don't yet own a jig saw to cut out my own inserts. So, it looks like I will either have to wait for the new inserts (which doesn't sound promising based on what daveferg said) or find a jig saw to borrow.


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            I'm about to make those inserts for my 3650 tonight. If they turn out well, I could always make another set for you for a small fee ($5/ea plus shipping). I'm making them out of 1/2" plywood which is the perfect thickness. Let me know if you're interested.


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              Thanks for the offer, yogibear. I actually found a coworker who ownes a jigsaw (and is willing to let me borrow it), so I'm going to try to make some inserts this weekend.

              If things go well, I hope to make several inserts this weekend. If things don't go so well , I may be contacting you about those inserts you made....

              Thanks again for the offer.


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                well, starting off with the table saw is a good idea. It is the heart of a work shop. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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                  I too am very new to woodworking and just purchased the TS3650 along with the MS1250LZ. My first project is a Toy Box for my neice and the plans I am using require the use of a Dado. I have been reading as much as I can, but I am still a little confused about the dado inserts. If I were to try am make some, what are things I should focus on and how would I go about making a ZCI.

                  Thank in advance for all your help.


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                    skroll, when I started looking into making zero clearance inserts, I found it helpful to search this forum for past posts on this topic. I also did a Google Groups search on making zero clearance inserts:

                    Both of these provided lots of useful information.
                    Hope this helps.


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                      Thanks for the help. I hate to sound like an idiot, but learning how to do something is a little tricky with a spinning blade.


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                        Always play the learning game away from a TS - you hit that nail on head perfectly centered.

                        Somebody said the way we all learned was by trial and error and searching out answers. Nobody is ever a fool or idiot (not my words) to ask help. It's those who don't who my sister often treats in ER when they attempting to fix someone up.

                        Ask-ask-ask. Read too. Never met a soul, even a real serious old timer, who knows it all. We don't and forget things we did know and need to know too.

                        Welcome to the Game of making dust and chips. Safety ------------- always safety first. Lumber's cheap [img]smile.gif[/img]
                        Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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                          I found this idea on the Wood magazine website earlier this month. Sorry couldn't find a link to the page as all I have is a print out. A reader suggested using double faced tape to adhere your original insert to a plywood blank the required thickness, then CAREFULLY cut you plywood slightly oversized with the bandsaw, and finish it up with a router with a flush-trimming bit, set so the bits bearing rides along the edge of the metal insert and the cutter only contacts the wood. They finished it up by saying that if the insert was too thin you could bring it up to the correct height with a few dabs of hot melt glue prior to setting it in place.


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                            Inserts in - at least TwinCities so guess everywhere else too.
                            Makes me happy - wipes out one of the rips we often hear from )(*&^%$#@! on this TS.
                            I'll sell him mine for about $900
                            Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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                              Thanks again to all who posted replies. Just an update to my earlier question.

                              After hearing that some HDs had received the inserts I checked my local store only to be met with blank stares from the employees. Guess they haven't sent the inserts everywhere yet.

                              After wasting all of this time, I just went out and made my own inserts this weekend out of some 1/2" plywood (as suggested by members of this forum). I cut out the general shape with a jig saw and used a router (borrowed from a friend) with a flush cutting bit to cut the insert to final size using the original throat plate as a guide. It was simple to do and pretty quick. So quick that I ended up making quite a few inserts to have around for future use.

                              If only I had done this in the first place, I could have been making sawdust rather than spending time on the phone with Ridgid parts!