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  • 3660 Assembly Question

    Well, here it is a mere 8 months later and I'm putting my 3660 together. I've read the thread on assembling the 3650 as well as the manual, but this question is not addressed. I'm at the point where I'm installing the belt guard and the manual tells me to put washers on the four motor studs, place the guard over the studs and install nuts. There are already nuts on the studs protruding out of the motor. My question is this; do I remove those 4 nuts and then install the washers etc, (which looks more logical to me) or do I put the washers on the studs on top of the nuts? Thanks!!

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    Re: 3660 Assembly Question

    Put the washers over the existing nuts. The nuts you see on the studs are holding the motor housing together. You do not want to loosen or remove them. (if you have, be sure to replace them first and tighten them snuggly (not gorilla tight) and all the same amount.)

    The additional washers will move the housing out to where it will clear the pulley end.

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