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    Re: New Table Saw

    R4511 I found one!!! My wife had listened to me talk for weeks about this table saw with a granite top but was no longer available. Just before Christmas she was in HD and happened to see a large box stuck in the corner that contained a table saw with granite top. We went back the next day and sure enough it was the R4511 an sale for $499. Because it was so heavy, I had it delivered. Would you believe that they sent one man with a small four wheel dolly. I was hoping to get it into my workshop in back of the house. This thing was heavy, we were lucky to get it into my garage. Dissembled the create and move it piece by piece to my workshop. I asked two neighbors to help me move the actual saw. Did I mention that this saw is heavy.. The instructions were poor at best. This forum saved the day for me. Anyway, great Christmas gift. It's all set up and I'm really pleased with it.