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Picking up my 4511 on Friday

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  • Picking up my 4511 on Friday

    I have just recently found this forum site and I'm glad I did. It has been a plethora of information. I have been shopping for a TS for months now trynig to find the most bang for my buck and was leaning toward a 3660 (not knowing they have been replaced with the 4511) but after reading the many people on here seeming very satisfied with the 4511 I decided to make the purchase today $499.00/$533 after taxes. This is not as good as some of the deals I read on here but it's still not a bad price for a saw like this.
    I would like to know from the many of you on here that has owned a 4511 for a while now if you regret the granite top? I live in the south and rusting is a big problem down here in this humidity. I hope the granite lives up to the hype.

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    Re: Picking up my 4511 on Friday

    welcome to the forum and congratulations on the purchase of your 4511. if you check this forum, ridgid currently has, untill the end of december, a friends and family rebate program for which your purhcase is qualified. could save you around $75 for you $499 purchase (pre-tax cost of approx. $425). here is the link to a thread on this forum:

    again, welcome and good luck with your 4511.
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      Re: Picking up my 4511 on Friday

      Congrats on the purchase! I have owned a 4511 for about 9 months and I have ran about 1000 board feet through it. All I can say is I love this saw! I have a friend who has a 3650 and when I compare the 2 saws, I am not sure if it because the 4511 is cabinet mounted or the extra weight of the granite, but the 4511 has way less vibration.

      As far as the granite, I have no chips, cracks and it definately will not rust
      I am more delicate with it than I woul be with a cast iron top, but with a little thought before slamming tools on it or using it like a work bench, then you should not have any problems.

      When you get it and set it up, there is a pdf floating around here that has some great info for tips to make it go together easier.


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        Re: Picking up my 4511 on Friday

        Got mine Friday also. Put it together over the weekend... AWESOME saw.


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          Re: Picking up my 4511 on Friday


          You're going to love your new sawdust maker. I just picked mine up also and I've thoroughly enjoyed it!

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