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HD Ridgid and Sears Craftsman Table Saws look the same ..

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  • HD Ridgid and Sears Craftsman Table Saws look the same ..

    The Home Depot Ridgid and Sears Craftsman Table Saws look the same. Are both made by Ridgid? The fence on the Craftsman looks nicer but the wheels on the Ridgid are great. Sears gives 1 year warrantee while the HD is lifetime. But, it looks like it could lean toward Sears as they seem to put their TS's on sale while HD wants retail.

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    the sears saw is made by ridgid, when they had a recall for the sears saw not too long ago sears gave you a phone number that phone # was for ridgid s customer service dept, also look at the sears and ridgid wet dry vacs they are the same, filters and just about everything else is the same, buy the ridgid an get the lifetime warranty


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      Not all Sears table saws are Ridgid. They had at least one made by Ryobi and they have others that are really cheap stuff.

      I wanted the warranty from HD and I like dealing with Home Depot a LOT better than Sears. The folks are more knowledgable (at least in my experience) and care more about the customer.

      I've never encountered anyone at any Sears that didn't act like you were inconveniencing them by being there and they never know a (*(#*&$#($%$# thing about what they are selling.

      So I went for the Ridgid label and got myself a TS2424 at HD.

      By the way, I got mine during a Father's Day sale for 10% off.


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        The current Sears table saw is not made by Emerson Tool Co (maker of the Ridgid brand tools). The Craftsman table saw does look similar due to the fact it is some what based upon Emersons design. Emerson produced Sears stationary power tools until 1998, when Emerson and Sears parted ways. Sears decided to go overseas with all their product, including their table saw. The result is a table saw that looks very similar to the RIDGID saw.

        The recall that vac man spoke of was on older sears radial saws (before 1992 I believe) that Emerson made.

        Emerson still makes most of the Craftsman Vacs.



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          I didn't think I had seen a saw in Sears that I thought was a Ridgid saw since I had started looking for one. But I had seen postings in the Ridgid forums that talked about Ridgid saws at Sears so I thought that some Sears somewhere carried one but not the Sears where I live.

          You can find a few tools as Sears that are clearly made by other companies but have the Craftsman label. For example, they have a rotary tool that is clearly a Dremel.

          I thought the quality of construction of the Ridgid saw at HD was awesome for the money. When the Father's Day sale came along at the time I was ready to purchase, it was too good of a value to pass up. Although it is a good value even when it isn't on sale.

          My next major tool purchase will be a Ridgid from HD. I was given a gift of a Craftsman 12 inch compound miter saw and wish I had the Ridgid. I haven't been too happy with the Craftsman. But my next purchase will likely be the drill press! It is one of those tools that I (a general do-it-yourself-home-improvement-kinda-guy) would not use often but boy when you need it....

          I still buy Craftsman mechanics hand tools. I've been satisfied with those over the years.

          When it comes to smaller power tools (drills, jig saws, etc) I am not loyal to any one brand. I tend to go with whoever has the best quality & value in the tool that I am looking for. For example, Company A may make Tool A better than Company B but Company B may make Tool B better than Company A.

          My collection of power tools covers a wide range of brands. But my TS2424 is my "pride and joy".