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Need Help with a refinishing project

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  • Need Help with a refinishing project

    Hey all,

    The wife has been on a craigslist rampage and now I have a garage full of furniture that needs refinishing. All of the stuff is Pine, I have stripped and sanded it and now im going to stain. I am nervous that even once stained and urethaned the table tops will still be pretty soft. The tables will be in our living room and will get a lot of use, is there anything besides resin that I can use to harden them up a bit? Thank you.
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    Re: Need Help with a refinishing project

    I see your a welder and fabricator, I bet you can get that torch of your's out and and cut a nice piece of deck plate to cover it so it is protected,

    one could consider a glass top, and a few felt circles under the glass, if you want a mar proof surface,

    yes the pine is soft,
    but I have a dinning table made of 2x6" glued up and we have used it for 33 years and 4 kids later it is still going good, yes there are a number of scratches and even a few shallow carvings in it (from my son), and I did refinish it once about 20 years ago, and it needs it again, but in my situation it is not distracting (maybe because it is memories), but pine will take a good deal of punishment, and with a little care I would think one would be fine,

    As far as additional harding the wood's surface I really do not have any ideas.
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