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How well does it really work?

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  • How well does it really work?

    How well does a Ridgid shop vac work when hooked up to a TS2424 for dust collection?

    I think the vac is 3.25HP.

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    I have my Ridgid Shop Vac attached to the TS2424 and it works fine. You still need to do a little cleanup around the saw and motor even if you have the optional saw dust collector kit attached to the saw.


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      Ron, the hp of your vac is not really the determining factor. The *volume* of air is what makes dust collection efffective. But if you hook up your shop vac to the optional dust collector sold by Ridgid, (or make your own) you will still need to do a little more work to make it effective. Plug up the hole on the back of your saw. To get the drift of this, just use cardboard and duct tape or something similar. Also plug up the big "smiley face" tilt slot on the front of your saw. By closing in these two areas you will get much more suction. A shop vac is better than nothing, but still not as good as a true dust collector. Experiment a little.")