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miter gauge scratching

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  • miter gauge scratching

    i have a new ts3650 saw and the miter gauge is starting to leave two marks on the steel this normal,or is there something i can do to prevent it.

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    Put some UHMW tape on the underside of the miter gauge.
    UHMW Tape


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      Jack---welcome to the group!

      Another approach---first, look at the bottom of the gauge face for any nubs or imperfections and file them down. Also, look through the manual for adjusting the miter gauge. I'm not sure how the current gauge is built, but on my old one, there was some free play in how high it sat compared to the table----I'd loosen any adjustment screws, place the gauge on the table and shim the cross piece using a couple of playing cards for a guide.


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        I have the same problem with the miter gauge on my new TS3650. When I start the miter with the gauge off the table, it bangs into the front side and slides up onto the table. I filed down casting nubs but it still does it. Methinks the gauge doesn't sit high enough over the bar. I'll see if shims are possible.

        Meanwhile, I'll start pondering a Incra 1000SE.


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          Don't ponder, purchase! You'll be amazed at the difference between the stock miter guage and the Incra.
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