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Tips for buying used bandsaw??

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  • Tips for buying used bandsaw??

    I'm shopping for a decent used band saw. probably 14" and add a riser if necessary. My primary use will be making blanks for lathe work from chainsaw cut woodpile stock. What should I be looking out for and what should cause me to walk away from or run away from a used band saw? In other words, What is good and what is bad in a used band saw?
    Being new here I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this but it's not I'm sure someone will be happy to set me straight.

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    Re: Tips for buying used bandsaw??

    contact lou iturtra at iturra designs:

    they don't have a website but, if you talk to lou iturra, you won't find anyone who knows more about band saws. try to get a copy of the 2009 catalog. there is a 4 page write up solely aimed at purchasing a used band saw. he is an incredible source of knowledge about delta and jet 14" band saws. if, as i've heard, he is only shipping catalogs with purhcases, buy mark duginske's new book on band saws (don't buy the old one, i have it and it stinks but he also knows a lot about band saws), if only to get the catalog. you absollutely won't be disappointed. between iturra adn duginske, you are getting a great deal of knowledge and information from two of the best guys in the country about band saws. HTH. good luck with the search.
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      Re: Tips for buying used bandsaw??

      are you familiar with band saw at all?
      do you know how to adjust one and to make the blade track? how to set the guide blocks and so forth?

      I you do, then I would think you would be able to determine if it is a saw worth your time and money,

      check for general condition, the tires, the guides and so on, is or are the wheels balanced is there vibrations
      Ask some questions why is the current owner selling it? What does he think is not right.

      I remember years ago, I bought a used band saw from a gun shop, I saw it and was or had been looking at it in a catalog,
      I asked if I could look at it, and they said yes, then asked if they wanted to sell it, they said yes, so I looked it over and started it up made a noise, I started to adjust it, tracked the blade and adjusted the guides and the roller guide and then adjusted the lower set, had it up and humming and bout it for about half of the catalogs price, after I got it adjusted, I think may be they were starting to have second thoughts.

      but check it out adjust it get it running true and see if there are vibrations and if there is any thing that one can see that should not be.
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        Re: Tips for buying used bandsaw??

        I found a good deal on a used band saw. The seller said that it had never been used. I know that's what they all say, but as goofed up as all the guides were there is on way it could have cut anything without tearing itself up. Now to adjust it and fix it up the way I want it.


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          Re: Tips for buying used bandsaw??

          Floor models are more stable and more powerful and ideal for heavy rip sawing and decorative work on thick stock wood. Their higher horsepower typically keeps the blade from getting stuck and burning the wood you're cutting.
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            Re: Tips for buying used bandsaw??

            Thanks for the input. I bought a Delta 28-275. Now I need to find a good deal on a riser kit. From what I have read so far only a delta riser will bolt up without modifying.