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outfeed and side supports

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  • outfeed and side supports

    How important are outfeed and side supports for a portable TS? I like the 2400 very much but DeWalt and Bosch both make these supports for their comparable models, and they seem like they could be very helpful.

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    I have a TS2400. In my opinion, the side support is useful. They are helpful to stabilize long piece for cross-cutting.

    The back support, however, is less helpful. Don't get me wrong, you will need back support in order handle large piece of material. In my opinion, the back support with Dewalt and Bosch are still too near the saw (not extend far away enough) will too little surface area. It is better than nothing though.

    I build a stand for my TS2400 to make the table height the same as the work bench. I then use my bench as the back or side support when ripping larger piece or cross-cutting.