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TS 3650 and Dabo blades

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  • TS 3650 and Dabo blades

    Does anyone know if the TS 3650 is compatible the Freud's SD600 Dial-A-Width dado blade?

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    The Freud SD600 Series dado sets will sorta work on the 3650. I don't recall exactly what the the max width dado is can cut but it will not allow you to use the SD600 sets to their full potential.

    Unless you're willing to make alot of double passes when cutting wider dados, one of the other sets by Freud or another mfg. will be more user friendly.
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      Thank you very much for the info about the Freud Dial-A-Width dado blade. Obviously that particular dado blade would not be a good fit for the TS3650.

      Can anyone verify if the TS3650 would be fully compatible with other dado blades (such as the Freud SD508 or Forrest dado blades).


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        Any regular style stacked dado set should work with the 3650. The Freuds SD200, SD300 SD500 and the Forrest sets will work just fine.

        One point you might want to consider is going with a 6" set over an 8" one. Unless you plan on making really deep dados, a 6" set should be able to handle most of your needs if not all of them. I have an 8" set and have never come close to using its full depth capability. One big benefit with a 6" set would be in the lighter weigth of a 6" set over an 8". Although your TS will work fine with an 8" dado set, it won't have to work as hard with a 6" set. Not as much wear and tear on the motor which translates into longer motor life. Just something to think about.
        Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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          Thank you for the timely information. As I plan on purchasing the TS3650 within the next couple of weeks this information should prove quite valuable.