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  • ridgid jointer/delta jointer

    I posted a request for jointer help a few weeks ago and have been attempting to compare, as a few suggested, the Delta with the Ridgid. I have found that Delta makes three jointers, the middle of the three is the one that seems to be the same size and price point. Does anyone have this tool? I still lean towards the Ridgid because I can't find a store in the ATL area that has the Delta. It's easy to find the top of the line products but not the mid-line.

    Sorry for the lack of model numbers.

    I have the Ridgid thickness planer, band saw, and recently got the 5" variable speed random orbit sander. They all are very nice tools that inspire me to do precise and well made products.

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    I have the gray model ridgid jointer. Setup was easy and it works the way it is supposed to. Anytime something comes out wrong it is my fault, not the machines. My only complaint is the height is a little low and I get a sore back when doing alot of jointing, but most, if not all, jointers are built at about the same height. I will get around to building a heigher base for it to fix that minor problem. If you are taller than me, 5'10", it might bother you as well.
    I have not seen any complaints about the machine on this forum or elsewhere, however, some here have complained about ridgid's customer service. I have 4 ridgid products and have never had a need for their customer service.


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      The $350 Delta is the JT-360. It's capable of doing the task and hand, but when you compare it's features with the other jointers in this price range, IMO it comes up at the tail end. It has a 3/4 hp motor vs 1hp on most others. It has an open stand which has poorer DC and is a bit louder. And most significantly, the fence mounting mechanism is heavy stamped steel, vs a massive cast iron piece on the Ridgid, Grizzly, Jet, GI, Bridgewood, Sunhill, PM, and Woodtek.

      So betweent the Ridgid and the Delta JT360 at even money, I see zero advantages for the Delta. The Delta 37-275X is a much nicer machine than the JT360, but runs ~ $580.