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Dewalt 746X vs Ridgid 2424 or 3612??

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  • Dewalt 746X vs Ridgid 2424 or 3612??

    I really need a table saw for my shop, and have the unique opportunity to get a brand new Dewalt 746X for an unbelievably good price. However, I have been very impressed with everything I have read about Ridgid and particularly like the lifetime warranty (I also recently purchased a TP1300 and JP0610 and have been extremely pleased with both). I was wondering if anyone has any personal experience with the Dewalt 746X and could make a knowledgeable and honest assessment of it's features and performance as compared to either of the Ridgid saws??

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    I have had the luck to set up and use a dewalt 746x tablesaw and a ridgid ts2424. I like the dewalt for the bigger motor, but that it. I like the ridgid for the easy of assembally(sp), and the cost. If you need more info drop Private Message.

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      I like the ridgid for the easy of assembally
      It is hard to imagine an easier to assemble contractor's saw than a DW746. The saw is already assembled including base, you need only attach wings, fence, and guard.

      Rooster, if you could get the 746 for the same price as a TS3612, -AND- your great deal comes with a warranty, I would recommend going for it. The warranty is important, DeWalt's first big tool since being a part of Black and Decker has had more than its fair share of birthing pangs, including non-flat tables (real non-flat, not just annoying), and fence problems.

      The 746 will have steel wings instead of cast iron. To make up for this, the motor is mounted in a much better position on the DeWalt than on other contractor's saws. This is a saw where the cradle is not tweaked out of position by the motor hanging out the back.