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Router table in the ts3650

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  • Router table in the ts3650

    I have been searching around on here for a setup for my ts3650. I see many that attach to the fence rails but I am curious if any one has any plans or pictures of one that does not attach to the rails but somehow to the table. If someone could point me in the right direction. Also affordable plate recommendations.

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    Re: Router table in the ts3650

    Talk about coincidence. If you are on the thread today, go back to the main screen to the recent downloaded pictures and click on the right pic. that shows an outfeed table. It is my implementation of an outfeed table and router table that are supported on their own frame and not supported by the fence rails.

    If you miss it, it can be a bear to search for so let me know and I can PM you the info.

    Oops, it's gone

    I'll PM you a word document to give you some ideas.
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      Re: Router table in the ts3650

      You can check out my setup here:

      It is not supported by the rails at all.