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The Vibrating Ridgid Bandsaw--I fixed it!!!

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  • The Vibrating Ridgid Bandsaw--I fixed it!!!

    he Ridgid BS is easily accessible to most of us. A recent review in a WW mag hit the nail on the head with this has plenty of power for a home shop BUT it vibrates waaaay too much for cutting curves or resaw...I had the vibration issues and was getting frustrated. I got some help here and elsewhere and decided to try to fix this thing.

    Well, I now have a super smooth running BS, that I can balance a nickle on!
    I never thought this machine could be improved so much as such a low cost.

    First step was either soldifying or getting rid of the stock stand. It just flexed way too much. I chose to use the stock BS stand for my large belt sander and bolt the BS on my mobile bench next to my Ridgid Planer. This made a huge difference in reducing the vibration.

    I placed a piece of 3/4 inch MDF between the BS and the mobile bench.

    Next, I balanced the wheels. By spinning the wheels and marking the "heavy spots" using stick on weights as well as drilling out some of the back. Wow, much improved.

    Next was urethane wheels, only $25 from Hartville Tool. Nice orange color :-) and if you note the orange felt, I put it there to see if it would stop the door from rattling against the body of the saw. It did the trick on the upper and lower doors.

    I have since moved the felt to the doors themselves and you can't even hardly notice it.

    Next was a properly adjusted for length link belt....

    I am pretty stoked. The saw vibrated so badly and now it is super. ----One more tip. If you take a sharpening stone and while the saw is running, round the back edges of the blade, it will cut curves much better.

    I used a resaw blade and resawed 6 inch red oak wiht no problem at all.

    SEE THE PICS on my Picturetrail link below:

    AND YES those pics both far and near are with that nickel standing with the motor running!!! I can turn the saw on and off and it stays on edge.


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    Re: The Vibrating Ridgid Bandsaw--I fixed it!!!

    Excellent but.....

    You may want to consider making a shield for the belt.
    Yeah, you're the only one there but accidents can happen to anyone.

    I suggest you make a removable belt guard out of mdf and paint it orange

    Safety first man!


    Cactus Man


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      Re: The Vibrating Ridgid Bandsaw--I fixed it!!!

      I still have the stock shield. I removed it so you guys could see the link belt :-)


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        Re: The Vibrating Ridgid Bandsaw--I fixed it!!!

        when you went from the stock belt to the linked belt on the BS, did you also change the motor and wheel pulleys?
        there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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          Re: The Vibrating Ridgid Bandsaw--I fixed it!!!

          No I did not. As it turned out I didn't need too.

          I'm really happy with the performace from this saw now.

          I did not think this saw could run as nice as it does.