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Who sells the Fliptop ?

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  • Who sells the Fliptop ?

    I have been thinking of getting the new Fliptop Taqble Ridgid makes, but I have not seen one at any of the HD I frequent. Does anyone know of other stores that carry them?


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    My understanding is that HD has the exclusive distribution. I have also been asking every time I go in there, they still don't know what I am talking about - Hey Jake, why don't you get your rep to bring one along on his next tour through these stores? I will buy the first one I see, but quite honestly, I don't have a pressing enough need right now to go the extra mile to find one.


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      You can buy the flip top thing directly from Ridgid on this web site. Go to the following link:

      Ridgid Flip Top Thing Order Page

      You will have to pay shipping, I do not know how much that is, but at least you do not have to wait for Home Depot.



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        The key to buying anything at Home Depot is finding someone that “gives a damn”. I recently purchased in excess of $1700 of Ridgid products through a Home Depot store in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has 5 or 6 Home Depot stores, and I had to go to four of them before I found anyone that either knew or was willing to learn about ordering Ridgid products. Once I found a young lady “without an attitude” that said, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out”, buying anything in Ridgid’s catalog became a “piece of cake”.

        You don’t want to order directly from Ridgid if you can help it – especially for items that weight over a few pounds – the freight costs will kill you. The savings I realized buying through Home Depot -vs- ordering directly from Ridgid was over $400 (i.e., $1700 -vs- $2100). Most Home Depot stores don’t carry but a small fraction of the Ridgid Woodworking Tool Line and Accessories, but they can add anything in Ridgid’s Catalog to their next order and not have to pay shipping charges. It has been my experience that Home Depot can get any Ridgid product (whether they carry it or not) delivered to the store in 6 to 8 days. Again, it requires that you find a person at Home Depot that will take the time to find a catalog or call the Ridgid local representative to get part numbers and prices.

        I got so frustrated with Home Depot that I finally called Ridgid Corporate and got them involved. This resulted in various Ridgid representatives from both Nevada and California assisting with my purchase from Home Depot – go figure.