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How to get discount at HD.. Or who to ask ?

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  • How to get discount at HD.. Or who to ask ?

    My HD has a DP1500 on the floor and two DP1550 on the shelf.

    The DP1500 is marked at $297. I'm thinking I would like to pay $150. ( You never know until you try )

    Does any one know who has the authority in a HD to make real markdown on old stock?


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    Store Manager does, in my experience. Maybe someone lower down does also, wouldn't know. I just start at the top.



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      Store managers of course do, but depending on their personality it may be easier to get it from someone else. Assistant Managers also do, theres ussually five or six in a store, find the ones that the least of a jerk and butter them up. From there down it can vary greatly store to store as individuall store managers get to set the policy in their store. ive worked in stores where department heads can approve markdowns up to $100 in their own departments, sometime in other departments also. Its also pretty common for head cashiers to be able to approve up to $50. this is usually so they can take care of cust. service issues at the register right away, if an item is mis-labeled on the shelf for instance. without having to call a manager, who typically dont like to be bugged. the head cashiers typically dont though because they are worried about getting in trouuble.


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        ...Sorry prematurely hit enter on that last one.
        Your best bet is to establish a relationship with just one of the average salespeople. Find someone you get along with in the department who knows what they are doing and are willing to help, he (or she)will know the managers that give discounts and the ones who dont, then be polite explain to them that its an old model they dont carry anymore (it is isnt it?) and is improperly tagged, you would be happy to get rid of it for them. once they figure out its old and they want it out of there anyway, and here you are willing to get rid of it for them with no effort on there part , they should do something for you. these tips should improve your odds, but you never know. it depends on their mood. The store managers a great idea but you simply may have one that doesnt like to give discounts. This may or may not of helped, hope it does though.


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          I read the post here this week about the 3612 at a NC home depot that was for sale at $477 or so. I called the home depot closest to me, and got nowhere, then called 4 other home depots up to a hundred miles away. No luck whatsoever. I asked managers even, if i buy 4 machines or more at once, can i get say a 25% discount. The best they can do is give me a managers discount coupon. Good for one weekend coming up and good for up to 5%. I don't think i am getting any discount on Ridgid shop equipment. I wish Ridgid would sell through Lowes too. Homedepot is a discount store and they offer discount store service as well. If you don't know what you are buying, don't think the sales associate at a discount store will know much about it at all. Discount stores do good at competing with each other. If lowes had this stuff too, we could get a deal or a sale once in a while.
          Just my opinion.
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            Thanks for your response. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

            I am in the store at least once a week. I will start talking with the a couple of the guys in the tool section to make sure they know who I am.

            This is store 108 ( the 4th store, I think). I do not think they move much of the Rigid stuff. I look at that display everytime I am in the store. They finally marked own a small Delta Table top DP by $50 to $143 but it it small that I want and only has 5 speeds.

            I will start to work and let ya'll know how it goes.



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              I don't think i am getting any discount on Ridgid shop equipment
              You really are getting a discount, even though they don't want to haggle with you. If you looked at a Delta or Jet with Cast wings and a nice fence like the ridgid, (even comes with casters for moving...$50 extra for the Delta) You'd be looking in the $800 range. So, $600 seems like a pretty good deal to me. I'm about to buy the drill press for $300. I tried to haggle with no luck, but I'm still getting it. The drill press has been very highly rated by several mags and is about $100 cheaper than comperable machines.


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                Hardly Workin wrote: can i get say a 25% discount

                I don't have access to Ridgid dealer pricing, but I do to some other manufacturers. On stationary power tools from companies like Jet, Powermatic, Delta and such, you aren't going to get a 25% discount even if you buy the store. There simply is not that much margin between cost and street price.

                If you ever want a hoot, ask a dealer if they can look up the list price, real list price, on something like a Delta Unisaw. You'll be on the floor.



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                  Last year when I went to buy my TS2424 and JP610, I asked the manager if I could get a quantity discount. The manager said. "These are our every day low prices"
                  After the manager left, I told the sales guy I would also buy the drill press if I got some kind of discount. He found the store manager and got me 30% off on the DP1500. I ended up leaving the store with all three. I would have liked to have done better but something is better than nothing.



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                    Hey Bartee,
                    You said you shop at Store 108?, Holcomb Bridge Store? It is my experience that most store managers will not discount any item in the store below it's cost to HD.
                    There is a Friends and Family Discount event coming up on May 3 and 4, where employees get coupons they pass out for 10% off, anything in store. Come up to Store #134, which is the Cumming Store - Exit 14 on Ga 400, and I will give you a couple of the coupons if it helps you out. Drop me an email, and I will see if I can help you locate your item in my store and see if I can get you a Markdown a little better.

                    Drew (10 years 10 months with HD and I BLEED ORANGE)


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                      HD is sending my wife credit card applications all the time. Inside is a 10% off coupon.
                      Maybe applying for there card will get you the discount (don't have to use the card!)
                      Rob Johnson
                      Orange Ca.
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                        How many of the 10% off coupons you got? Can you spare one?

                        I need to replace the roof this year. 35 squares in all of shingles. 10% off would be real sweet!

                        BTW, looking for a tear off crew...2 layers up there already. YUK! Hate tear off!
                        John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                          Here's a tip for getting the Home Depot 10% off coupons. I just learned about this myself.

                          Go to & register. They will mail you a 10% off coupon. You don't have to really be moving. You only have to provide mailing address & email address. They ask for your "previous" address, but those fields are optional.

                          Another option is to go to the Lowe's website (I can't find the link, but it can be found). On their website, you can also register your "new" address. Lowe's will then email you a 10% coupon. If you tell them you couldn't get the coupon to print, they just mail it to you.

                          I figure I can get HD to accept the Lowe's coupon I printed. Then I still have the HD coupon coming in the mail, plus the Lowe's coupon in the mail to use at Lowe's or get HD to accept it too.

                          Pretty sneaky, but if they would have sales, we wouldn't need coupons. [img]smile.gif[/img]



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                            I've been told that HD will not accept those Lowes 10% coupons because they are not for any specific item. You can try, Hopefully it will work.


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                              My lastest one expired last month. I discovered this when I went to get it to use on my Miter saw and Planer purchase. They seem to come every three months.
                              Rob Johnson
                              Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!