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  • TS3612 miter

    Just bought a used TS3612 and will pick up next week. Could somebody tell me - does this model have a t-slot miter? That would ice the cake.

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    The fence has t slots for add ons, I use mine for auxiliary fences and board buddies. The miter gage is garbage, it has too much slop when in it's slot, is not accurate and is a pain to adjust. Get something better, there are many decent ones out there. If you need a recomendation, just ask.


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      The miter slot on the table top is not a T-slot but as Rafael said, there are many after market miter guages available for this saw. Like the vast majority of all factory provided miter guages, the Ridgid miter guage is pretty inaccurate. Take a look at the Incra line of miter guages at Woodpeckers Inc. One thing is for certain, I guarantee that you will be impressed with this TS. Oh yeah, you won't find any problem with the arbor on this saw either.
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        As was said, stock gauges not the best. I have pretty much the same saw (upgraded Emerson made Craftsman). I found the Incra gauge avoided any issues with the slighly non-standard miter slot on the Ridgid. The Incra 1000 is a good all around gauge----Kreg has also come out with a new miter gauge. I'd get a good basic gauge and then if you want to get one of these large miter sleds or something like an Osborne, you can and will still want the basic gauge for regular, smaller tasks.


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          Thx guys for all the input. Figured I'd want a better gauge but wasn't sure if table was t-slot. Can't wait to get it into my shop and dialed in. Will probably start by building a sled for it. Good meet-the-saw project.


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            If you are looking for a good miter... dont pass up taking a look a the one from Woodhaven
            Very nice !!!