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When will HD put the TS2424 on sale

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  • When will HD put the TS2424 on sale

    When will Home Depot put the TS2424 table saw on sale? I remember a while ago HD had a $100 off sale on this saw. I also noted that the new HD store that just opened has the TS2424 on display that has additional miter attachments. The other HD store does not do the TS2424 justice as their display has a broken fence and broken hercu-lift.

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    ACtually the TS2424 is being replaced by the TS3612. So you should start seeing the TS2424 being phased out of stores inventory and the new model be brought in.



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      It's hard to tell what HD will do as the 2424 is phased out. When Delta redesigned their 12 1/2" planner, HD didn't drop the price on the old one. In the past, the only sales I've seeen on Rigid power tools has been nationwide, factory authorized (?) sales. Other than that, the only discounts seen have been when they dropped a particular tool---here they stopped carrying the Rigid lathe and knocked $100 off.

      However, keep an eye open. I understand, from what I read on this forum, that the 3612, at least initially, won't include all the accessories now included with the 2424. Even at regular price, this might make the 2424 worth considering---just depends on what interests you.