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  • bs1400 band saw

    I just purchased and set up my band saw . the upper wheel i can get to track in the center. My question is. How do I get the bottom wheel to track the blade in the center?

    Marty L

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    The Ridgid manual does not have much on tuning up or alignment, you might want to do a search here in the Ridgid forums for topics related to band saws (there have been many over the past couple years) or use Google or similar search engine to find web sites with information on band saw alignment/tune up. One such web article is here:

    On most saws the lower or driver wheel is not adjustable for tracking from what I know. You make any tracking adjustments on the upper wheel. This adjustment should be aligning the blade track over both wheels so it follow the same path on each revolution (within reason). Blade tension and guide block settings also will affect how well the blade tracks when in use (actually sawing) as opposed to ideling (saw running but not cutting).

    * Verify or adjust the BS wheels so they are coplaner(read the BS tuneup article above). If not you need to resolve this before going any further.

    * Back off the guide blocks to a point where they do not interfere with or contact the blade and set the blade tension for the blade width you have installed. If the guide blocks or bearings contact the blade they will affect alignment and tension settings.

    * Adjust the bearings and guide blocks per the manual.

    Once you have the saw setup properly you should be good for a while and not have to go through these steps each time you use the saw, even though you de-tension the blade between uses. However, if you change the blade, you will have to reset the guide blocks and bearings again, and possible tweak the tracking.