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  • New Drill Press DP 1550

    Is it true that the new Drill Press will NOT have a nut system for setting drill depth!

    If this is true it is a real missed opportunity for Ridgid. I've read a number of reviews (I think in Wood and American Woodworker) that say the nut systems are the best choice. Grizzly has added it to their Drill Press and the large Jet and Delta's have the nut system too.

    Let's see should I buy the
    -Grizzley with nut system for $250 delivered with No tax (in NY)
    - Jet with nut system for about $375 delivered with No tax (in NY)
    -Delta's with nut system for about $375 delivered with No tax (in NY)
    -the Ridgid with NO nut system for $325 (with NY tax and no delivery)

    If the Ridgid had the nut system I could make a compeling case for it. But with out, it's a hard call that will go to a competitor.


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    Form what I been told that the ridgid drill press has the nut stop system.
    Andy B.


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      The RIDGID drill press will have a rotary depth stop, not the linear nut system. Though it seems magazine editors like a linear depth stop, I can think of a couple reasons why you'd want a rotary stop.

      First almost all of the drill presses with linear stops must to have the stop system removed to use a mortising kit, which is a case where I see a stop as being particularly useful. The mount for the rod, which the nuts ride on, is usually clamped on the quill, right where the yoke for the mortising kit would mount.

      Second, a rotary depth stop can be set quicker and easier. Simply draw a line on the edge of your stock at the depth you want your bit to go. Rotate the depth ring to the 0" and leave the lock screw loose. With the bit in the chuck, bring it down to your mark. Holding the quill in position, tighten the lock screw. You now have the correct depth setting.

      Finally, I have heard concerns with repeatability of the rotary depth stops. All I can tell you is that it is my experience that our depth stop is very reliable and accurate.