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  • TS2424 Questions

    I have been doing all the study I can on the TS2424. I now have some additional questions.
    1. Can I get a longer fence rails than 36 inches? I understand about having to shift the rails to get 36 inches.
    2. Why did they use zinc trunions?
    3. I there any aftermarket manufacture of accessories: such as table inserts, fences, splitters, tendoning jigs?
    4. Is there an accessory outfeed table?
    5. Is there an accessory slidding table?

    Salesman at Woodcraft is really trying to talk me out of Ridgid and into Jet, Delta, or even a Grizzly which they don't sell. Am I being foolish concerning the TS2424?
    Thanks for any help you can give me.
    Rev Ed

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    Well Ed, it's like this. Any of the saws you are looking at will do a great job. There is no "perfect" saw, and very few "lousy" saws. Any one you choose could have either no problems or several problems. A piece of equipment that will make exact cuts (to a few .001's") that has been transported thousands of miles and handled by any number of people is going to need some tweaking, whether it's a $2,000 Powermatic or a $600 Ridgid. My primary considerations were quality, cost, and warranty. I am very pleased with the TS2424 that I purchased. Ridgid support is top-notch and the lifetime warranty is unmatched (ask Woodcraft salesman to compare).
    That being said, I've seen some masterful stuff turned out by Ryobi users, which is one of the least expensive saws on the market. They have a cult following.

    Each saw (or any piece of equip) will have it's own idiosyncracies er, personality. You just learn to get along with each other.

    Don't beat yourself up. Get the best you can afford and make some sawdust. Time's a'wastin'.

    Hope this helps.

    rotsa ruck & bee safe

    Rodney J in TX


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      I have and use all of the time the Delta Tenoning jig. I did have to do a little "tweeking" to make it fit and took about 15 minutes. Not sorry either. I use a Freud stacked dado and when I want a real fine cut I put on the FORREST WOODWOKER 11. This has saved a bunch of time and not using the joiner. For rip I use a Piranha 32 tooth or the Ridgid blade. Cross cut I usually ( depending upon the project) WW 11 or anther Piranha 60 tooth. Hope that this helps. ..Docdick