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    Marcus----keeping digging that hole.

    ba-doyn----I was also looking at the Griz', but be sure to compare the HP ratings. They were pretty low compared to others.

    U0-Woody---totally correct about the tools. Good tools and good sharpening are extremely important.


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      That's exactly it Woody. There's too many people out there that feel that having the best tool makes them a better woodworker. It happens all the time when people buy a Unisaw. They believe that they'll all become Norm Abram or David Marks once they get that saw. Technique and set up are more important.

      Buy whatever you want, I really don't care, my only point is that you shouldn't take advice from a guy who has never used a lathe but does have a hatred of Ridgid tools. If he'd commented on TS he opinion would have more weight. It's like me commenting on Laguna saws - I have no actual experience, just what I read.

      A tube lathe isn't the best setup out there but for the price you really can't beat it. If you want to try a HF out then go ahead. But, as Woody said, setup and technique are more important.

      Unless you're going into business and your main tool is a lathe you could do much worse than the Ridgid. Also, the Midi is a fine lathe, but it does have a lot of limitations.