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  • Lathe for $149...

    Is this a good deal. My HD has 3 boxed lathes left, and with 10% off it would only be $135.

    How does this lathe stack up with others? Is it really worth it or should I save my pennies and get a better one later?


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    Micheal----think about this----how many lathes on the market have that tube design? None---and from all I've read and heard, with good reason. I was in the same boat a few years back and 90% of the replys I got said pass on it. If you're interested, Harbor Freight has a pretty decent lathe on sale for $179---it's a cast iron bed, more typical of what other makers used. I'd be buying one, but don't have the room right now. FWIW.


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      Thanks for the reply. I didn't want to jump on it without getting some outside opinions.



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        I bought the Rigid lathe 12 x 36 from HD and am very pleased with it. I too hadn't heard a lot of good about tube type lathes, but it is(in my opinion) better built than any at Harbor Freight for even, $240. I wish mine was so cheap when I purchased it. There are always compromises when making purchases. Some things, like market steady rests are designed with bed-type lathes in mind, but with imagination one can design one that can be used on the tube type. Good luck in your purchase.



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          I paid $149 for a floor model. It was missing a couple of pieces that I replaced for about $10 at Their parts availablility is great. Shortly after the purchase I bought a heavy duty bearing live center, and a couple of inexpensive chucks. There seems to be a lot of stuff availble for the 3/4-16 and MT1 connections. Maybe not as much as the MT2 collet, but still plenty available. I am pleased with it but don't expect to be a master turner either. I just want it for the occasional turning. It does seem well built.

          There is a cheap HF model that is a tube model too. I think it uses two rectangular tubes. I believe it is the one mentioned above.


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            How can anyone recommend a HF lathe [that costs more] over a Ridgid? Oh wait, the recommendation is coming from Daveferg the guy who's never even used a lathe

            For $135 you really can not pass this lathe up, take it from an owner. Or you can listen to a Ridgid hater (Dave). He's never seen a Ridgid tool that he liked, tried and wasn't automaticaly biased against


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              There hasn't been a personal attack on this forum for a couple of months now and I for one don't want to see it started again. Nuff said.
              "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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                Thanks Lorax----and I won't even bite.

                To correct one mis-understanding, the HF lathe I referred to isn't the one with the square steel tubes---it's the one with the cast iron bed that normally sells for $250 or something, but goes on sale several times per year at $179.

                FWIW---over on Woodnet, some even compare it to the Jet lathe in design and quality. And as I said, the Woodnet people talked me out of buying the Ridgid lathe on a close-out. And as I said, almost all lathes in high price catagories use a cast iron bed---and not one I can think of use a single cylindrical bed.


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                  I was the one mentioning the HF tube design. The rectangular tube HF model I refered to is on sale for $99 plus if you don't want to use your bench for a lathe stand you have to buy a stand that is on sale for $99. That is $65 more than the Ridgid one mentioned.

                  Could you point out the one you mentioned and does that price include the stand? Here are the ones I found on HF.

                  14'' x 40'' LATHE WITH 6'' SANDER $99.99

                  15" VARIABLE SPEED WOOD LATHE $369.99

                  8 SPEED MINI BENCH LATHE $199.99

                  14'' x 40'' WOOD LATHE $99.99

                  12'' x 33-3/8'' WOOD LATHE WITH REVERSIBLE HEAD $279

                  14'' x 40'' LATHE WITH 6'' SANDER $129

                  Stand $99

                  Look familiar $149


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                    Woodypa----it's the 12"x33 3/8" w/reversable head for $279. Just got a flyer in the mail for a sale of $179 (includes stand). Now, this is a price for their store----you may have to check with the catalog people to see if they'll match it. Just got the flyer the end of last week.


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                      Seen the same lathe today at the HF store. Reg 279, advertised sale, 179. Varialbe speed (by lever, not pulleys, rotating head, and a special bed section on the right side with a special tool rest for bowl turning. I checked it out for over 1/2 hour, and it seamed pretty solid. Turning the components didn't show any visable wobble of any sort. Centers lined up good. Anyone looking to enter the turning stage of woodworking would want to look at this sale. IMO, it's a decent value for the beginner or light novice turner.
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                        Grizzly also has a lathe for about the same price.



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                          It wasn't a personal attack there Lorax. It was the truth and it was about a person. A person who hasn't used the lathe or any lathe. People are a little too froggie I think.

                          There's an easy way to keep people from pointing out things, don't post on that which you don't know.


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                            Gee Marcus if you follow that logic then i guess anyone who goes to a priest for family counseling is wrong too. The great thing about this board is the people on here. unfortunatly your not one of them. I've gotten good info from daveferg before and probably will again. It just seems strange that anyone who voices an opinion you don't approve of is wrong and or stupid. But if you go to any of the turning boards and ask about ANY!! of the tube style lathes you'll get the same answer, they are one CLEARANCE for good reason, ba-doyn would be IMHO better off with a jet midi for under 200. or looking for a good used lathe, one of the most frustrating aspects of turning is starting out with a crappy lathe, and I HAVE turned on one


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                              Just for the heck of it, a crappy lathe isn't the worst fault of a turner. Dull tools and no way to keep them sharp is. This is my personal experience.

                              I have the tube lathe, don't do alot of turning, but some, and with great success. Set it up properly is step #1. Sharp tools, is step #2. And IMHO, is the most crucial.

                              Doesn't matter how good a lathe you have, how precise it is, unless you have the the tools to cut the wood with, it doesn't really matter.

                              Comparison: Take a TS2400 with a Forest blade and a Unisaw with a OldHam blade. 2400 set up perfect, Unisaw out of the box. What cut would you put your money on?

                              Point being is; if one is to take the time to make the tool accurate, it's accurate. If one is to take the time to use the proper tools (properly sharpened) to do the job. And take the patients to do the job right. The outcome will by far better the dissapointment in haste.

                              Anyone can be satisfied with what ever they can afford, IF, one is to put forth effort to making sure it can be the best it can be. Just realize it's limitations, and yours.
                              John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>