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Ridgid Oscilatting Sander. Happy with it

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    Re: Ridgid Oscilatting Sander. Happy with it

    Got one this summer, works sweet with spindle but seems to be alot of vibration with belt
    Never outsmart your common sense


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      Re: Ridgid Oscilatting Sander. Happy with it

      Just to add...
      a clean sander is a happy sander!

      The dust collection port is fair.
      after you use the sander for a while stop lift the orange plate and blow out the fine dust/saw dust away. Even a Ridgid wet/dry vac may not suck it all up.
      Use compressed air.

      I also find using those rubber sander cleaners very useful as it gives the sanding drum
      a longer useful life.

      Finally do not force your work!!!! light pressure is all you need. make a pencil line and you can monitor material removal. Forcing the work will cause stress on the bearings, belt, and
      cause an early demise!

      I have used my sander now for close to two years without any incident by following those simple steps mentioned above

      Cactus Man