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Were some Craftsman Table saws made by Rigid?

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  • Were some Craftsman Table saws made by Rigid?

    I was told by a salesperson at the local Rocler store that some Craftsman table saws were made for Sears by Rigid. This appears to be correct since I examined the parts manuals for my Craftsman and several Rigid models. They appear to be identical down to the part index numbers in the owners manual diagrams. The actual part numbers are different, but similar. I'm wondering if the parts are interchangeable as Sears doesn't carry some of them any more but Rigid does. Does anyone know the answer to this?

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    Re: Were some Craftsman Table saws made by Rigid?

    emerson electric was the producer of ridgid tablesaws, among other tools, and craftsman tablesaws. if the model number of the item starts with 113 and looks like this 113.xxxxxx, it was made by emerson electric for craftsman(sears). parts that are similar to a given model that was sold by both sears and ridgid should be interchangeable. if you're ever interested about what company actually made what sears sells, check out this website:


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      Re: Were some Craftsman Table saws made by Rigid?

      Emerson made the Craftsman contractor saws until 1997 (model #113.######). About the time Emerson and Sears parted ways, Emerson introduced the Ridgid contractor saw that was nearly identical to what they had made for Sears (model TS2412, followed by the TS2424, & TS3612). TTI/Ryobi took over making the Craftsman contractors from 1997 to 2004 (model # 315.######), until Sears discontinued their contractor saws in favor of the hybrid line made by Steel City's Orion division (models 22104, 22114, 22124). About that time, Emerson hired TTI/Ryobi to make the Ridgid contractor saws, which was simultaneous with the launch of the TS3650. Emerson still owns the Ridgid name, but the TS3660 was discontinued earlier this year in favor of the R4511, which was made in conjuction with Orion. So Ridgid never really made the Sears saw but there's a distinct lineage between the saws. Funny what a small world it is.
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