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    The other day I was very interesting. I toured a Lumber Mill that has only Hardwoods, and many of them exotics. I found a piece of waterfall Bubinga that was 43 inches wide, 15/16th thick, and 10 feet long. It is sanded on the one side. This is a beautiful, one of a kind piece of lumber. It goes from bark to bark and have the edges where the bark was connected. This is a very expensive piece of stock, very expensive, so I don't take this lightly. I intend on making a Dning Room Table from this piece of wood. I would consider it desecration to cut this piece into smaller pieces.

    My question is this: How would you finish it out. Would you make legs from 3x3's or 4x4's, or would you use turned legs. How would you attach the legs to the table, or what sort of structure would you build under the table to hold it together as a unit? What sort of suggestions do you have for expansion and or contraction of this wood.

    I truly believe this presents me with a once in a lifetime opportunity. Tell me if you agree and advise me of how you would proceed. I have my own ideas but am interested in fielding other views to challenge mine in order to get to the best possible solution.

    Thanks in advance for your ideas.
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