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  • 10" Delux Table Say

    I am a RIDGID tool user and have several in my shop, I am currently looking for a table saw and would love to purchase a RIDGID however I would rather a solod surface top. The holes in the RIDGID table top allow for pinched fingers. Does RIDGID plan on replacing the top in the near future with a top that is safer for the user. OR is it my fingers just keep getting in the way. Does anyone else have this problem?

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    Sorry Warren, I must reply to this.
    Move your fingers!!!
    I changed my stamped steel extensions to the web extensions last year and have yet to pinch my fingers, my dad's saw has them and I don't believe in 40 years he's ever pinched his fingers. In my opinion the single best reason for the open web extensions is that they are not a table, I have a tendancy to lay things down on the closest flat surface available and my saw is the first thing in a straight line from the door. It's very difficult to lay stuff on them as you would a table because if its small it hits the ground which may not be good. In addition you spend a lot less time cleaning off saw dust etc. since the surface is not solid. Good luck!!
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      You may find this thread helpfull as well. I think they are talking about the same thing... Later, Josh