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Mobile base for jointer?

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  • Mobile base for jointer?

    I'm thinking about buying Ridgid's jointer, but given the size of my
    shop (also known as a garage, shared with two cars), I like to use
    mobile tools whenever possible. Does Ridgid make a mobile base that
    can be used with the jointer, or are there any aftermarket bases
    that will work?

    I'm also interested in what you folks think about the jointer.
    Any aspects that you particularly like or dislike?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Ridgid does not have a base for the jointer. I bought the Delta kit and made one for it. I put 3/4" ply on the base and attached the jointer to it. It works, but not nearly as well as the bases made for specific tools.

    I mainly use the tool for edje jointing and have not had any problems with it after getting the outfeed table adjusted properly. I've had mine about 2 years.

    Bob R


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      i simply built a simple frame out of 2X4's and put casters on it. works great


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        I put relatively small boards to mount 2 inch casters directly under the original feet of the jointer, and it wasn't stable enough - when the casters turned to the center, the base became too narrow. So I added a short 2x4 at each end, and mounted the casters out an inch or so, and am very satisfied. (If you want a picture, drop me a note)

        All my tools also share our 2 car garage with 2 cars. All the machines are on wheels, so it takes about 5 minutes to get everything out, and about 15 minutes to sweep up and put the cars to bed.


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          Harbor freight has their 29.00 base on sale every so often for 19.95,believe you can make any size you want...have not used one yet, waiting for the sale, but have heard good comments.
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            This subject has come up before and have been scratching my head trying to remember the outcome. I know I had also suggested the Delta or Harbor Freight Universal base, but seem to remember that there was an issue with the Rigid joint stand. Anyway, I'd take a good look at the stand and the way it sits on the floor (look up the on-line manual for the jointer).

            If you can find the HF model on sale, it would be a good deal, but at the list price, with their stinking bolts, it's not worth the aggrevation. I replaced all the bolts on mine (had more than enough nuts in my hardware collection). My jointer is a splayed leg model and I put the foot pedal under the outfeed table---it's been great.

            BTW--when I can find work, I do ergonomics and the only bad mark I'd give the Rigid jointer is that it's too low. It's fine to place downward pressure for surfacing, but you can end up in an awkward posture when trying to apply pressure against the fence. The nice thing about putting this jointer on a mobile base is that it raises the tables up a bit.


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              These guys have the same base for $16.99. Click on Accessories and scroll down till ya find it.

              I built mine out of 3/4" plywood and four swivel castors for @ $20 though.
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                Thanks for all the suggestions!