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Craftsman 27" wide router table 61181

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  • Craftsman 27" wide router table 61181

    I saw this at Sears last week, and it looks like it will fit perfectly between the rails of a Ridgid table saw (with or without the legs) . Has mounting slots on the sides and rear, and it's 1-1/2 inch thick, same thickness as the Ridgid's extension table. Cost $199.99, comes with a fence and 2 featherboards. This is much cheaper than the bench dog, but I started to look around to see if there other models that are also 27" wide (old Sears catalog, ebay, etc.,) that maybe simpler and cheaper. I don't use the router that much, but this will be perfect as my table saw's extension, standing by as a router table just in case I need it.. (I can build one, but I'd rather get one ready made if the price is right). Maybe there is a forum member here who has seen or knows of another 27" model, or another brand, not as expensive as this (definitely not the bench dog).
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    Re: Craftsman 27" wide router table 61181

    It's cheaper than the Bench Dog because it's an aluminum table and not cast iron. At one point in time I had an aluminum table that I got from Wolfcraft and didn't like it very much. On of the biggest problems I had with the aluminum top was that it was always leaving black marks on my work pieces, YRMV. Quite honestly, I think that at $199 that setup is way over priced for what you're getting.
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      Re: Craftsman 27" wide router table 61181

      I'd have to agree with Badger Dave on the price and certainly on the "aluminum". I had a much smaller aluminum router table and in spite of it's re-inforcing ribs on the underside, the darn thing sagged with the weight of even a small router. While not immediately apparent, leaving the router in place even for a couple of days caused it to sag almost a 1/16th.

      I'm not a big fan of having a router mounted on the table saw, as I much prefer the advantage of have a tool separate and ready to go. But, I do understand the attraction for double purpose or limited space.

      I have a Rockler table top and though prices are quite competive, it appears the table is too large at 24 x 32. They offer three different types/materials, starting with a thick MDF with laminate surface, a solid phenolic, and a cast iron. The latter two are Bench Dog products. (Here's a link to Rockler's site:

      I've had the MDF top for a couple of years now and am quite happy with it. It comes complete with fence and router mounting plate, etc.; and I built my own leg set. But, I'm sure there are other competitors like Hartville Tool, Lee-Valley, etc. Or, you could simply pick a material and build your own top, mounting it as you wish. There are certainly plenty of accessories out there and I know Rockler (and others) supply fences, plates, feather boards, etc.

      I hope this helps,



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        Re: Craftsman 27" wide router table 61181

        Thanks for your inputs, Badger Dave & CWS. I never had a router table, and was not aware of the disadvantages of an aluminum table. It looks like I will be building one.


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          Re: Craftsman 27" wide router table 61181

 is another source, as well as but I heard they may temporarilry be out of their 27" router table.
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            Re: Craftsman 27" wide router table 61181

            See at busybee tools for 125$ incl. Fence and dust port.

            Item No: B2594
            Router Table With Fence

            This router table can handle it all. The table measures 27" x 23 1/2" x 1 3/8"
            and comes with a 3/4" mitre track and fence track already installed.
            There is a custom fit table insert 12" x 9" x 3/8" with removable insert rings
            so you can use large bits. The split fence design gives you two 12" x 6" x 1"
            MDF fence extensions with T-track installed.
            The fence extensions are attached to a 24" x 3" x 3" aluminum fence.


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              Re: Craftsman 27" wide router table 61181

              Bob D. and Boogatoo,

              Those are really the kind of info I was looking for!!!!!!!
              I never wanted that Craftsman in the first place!!