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Ridgid Planer in/outfeed tables

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  • Ridgid Planer in/outfeed tables

    First I'd like to say hello!! Just joined the forum, although I have been on a few times before joining. I have a question about my Ridgid 13" Planer. I have been having a problem with cupping right at the very end of shorter boards after running through my Planer. I noticed that the infeed and outfeed tables on the Planer side are lower than the middle planer table. They appear to be about 1/16" lower than the middle table. There does not appear to be an adjustment for this. I adjusted the outter ends of the tables. The shorter boards drop off because the inner side of the table is too low. Am I missing something here?


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    Re: Ridgid Planer in/outfeed tables

    you are experiencing snipe. check the troubleshooting section of th eowners manual for causes and solutions relative to your planer. here is a paper that does a good job of addressing causes and solutions:

    this, and your owner's manual, should get you headed in the right direction. good luck.
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      Re: Ridgid Planer in/outfeed tables

      I read all the manuals and troubleshooting guides. But I am still thinking that the ends of the the in/outfeed tables that butt up against the machine side or middle feed table should be the same height. The middle (machine) table is 1/16" higher than the in/outfeed table. You can adjust the outter ends of the feed tables which I have done but this does not stop the shorter boards from falling off immediately after comming out of the outfeed side. Can anyone who has the Ridgid 13" planer verify if the in/outfeed tables are level with machine table?


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        Re: Ridgid Planer in/outfeed tables

        You have to loosen the table mounting screws to raise the inside edge up to the center platten hieght. Raise the cutter head up out of the way and place a straight edge through the planer with the ends sticking out over the tables. After getting the tables level with the platten, you need to adjust the outside edges of the tables higher than the platten by about 1/8th inch. This adjustment will eliminate the snipe you are getting. The weight of the board causes the ends of the tables to sag a little which causes the ends of the board to raise a little as it enters and exits the planer, this is how the snipe happens. By raising the outside edges of the tables, they are level with the platten after sagging under the board weight. For boards over 4' in length you need to use roller stands or some kind of support for the boards. I have an original (gray) TP1300 that is over 8 years old now and I get no snipe on my boards.
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          Re: Ridgid Planer in/outfeed tables

          Ok..I will check the bolts on tables for adjustment. It's been raining like crazy here so hopefully tommorow I will get to it. Thanks for reply!!