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Ridgid Planer Leaving Mark On Wood

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  • Ridgid Planer Leaving Mark On Wood

    My buddy just set up his new Ridgid planer. The ind-i-cut is leaving a mark on the surface of the wood. The mark is quite noticeable. Is this normal?

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    I own one of these units, and this is not normal. Is the problem a mark, or is it a scratch? If it is a mark, perhaps some grease got on the lever that can be cleaned off with a rag. If it is a scratch, something is getting hung up. Unplug the unit and raise the carriage so you can reach and see what's going on. You should be able to easily move the ind-i-cut lever upward with your finger. If not, it needs serviced.


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      The ind-i-cut does move up and down. We also definitely know it is the ind-i-cut causing the mark because we put the wood in at different angles and to the left and right of the ind-i-cut. The mark needs to be sanded won't come off with just rubbing.


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        I don't know how long you have been running it, sounded like it was brand new. Sometimes as the blades wear they will start leaving marks. It may be the blade is dinged right in the middle, coindental to the indi-cut. With the indi-cut being before the blades, I would have to believe any scratch caused by it would be planed smooth anyway. I would go ahead and change the blades. Even if new they may have been damaged.