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saw blade question....again

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  • saw blade question....again

    I am looking to buy a new blade or blades. I am looking at either the 3-pack of freud on sale at (LU84, LU85, LM72) or the Woodworker II and can't really make up my mind.
    any input?

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    Hi Karsten - I've got the LU84, WWII, and LM72. All are good blades. The WWII is awesome. It cuts cleaner on everything than the LU84. The LM72 is an FTG ripping blade, that's very efficient and agressive. If budget is the limiting factor, my suggestion would be to pick up the WWII, then grab a less expensive Freud 24T ATB ripping blade when you get a few extra bucks (under $30). We spend alot of money on a TS and accessories, but nothing has more impact on the cut than the blade (and alignment...).


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      Karsten: I would highly recommend the WWII. I've never seen anything that cuts as smooth and burn free, in cherry and oak, as this blade does.

      Here's where I got mine for $89.00.


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        the price is really not the issue here, just wondering which would be the better choice. I do like the fact that if I go with the freud I get 3 blades, but if the WWII lasts me as long as the 3 then it would be better because I wouldn't have to change blades all the time. I should also mention that so far I am only a beginner and still don't make any big furniture. I will most likely use hardwood plywood for my projects with hardwood only to cover the edges of the ply.
        I will use "real" wood also to make smaller things like the mahogany ottoman I just finished.

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          where did you find a Freud Ripping Blade for under $30 ???


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            Originally posted by Karsten:
            Hewood, where did you find a Freud Ripping Blade for under $30 ???
            HD in our area has the 1024x for ~ $28. There's a couple of versions of it. It's the 24T ATB. It's available as a TKR206 through Price Cutter. There's also an LM87R010 for $35 through Price Cutter. PC also has their own version of Freud's LM72R010 which is a 24T FTG (flat top grind). The LM72 is ~ $50. The PC version is $35.