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Rockler or Mulecab router table insert for TS

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  • Rockler or Mulecab router table insert for TS

    hey all... I'm thinking about biting the bullet and just purchasing a router table insert for my TS. I would like to build my own, but I think it would be just as good to buy one. I realize the rocker insert is more expensive, but is it better?

    Thanks all for any input.

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    I am in the process of doing the same thing. The Rockler retail store is about 50 minutes from the house so I was thinking of running down there in the next few weeks.


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      I almost went to Rockler on lunch, but decided to wait and go after work... Too far of a drive for a 1 hour lunch. Still very much debating this. Hard to justify the cost of buying one when i know one should be easily made. I think before I commit to purchasing, i may take a look at the rockler insert, see how it's built and mounted. if it looks easy enough to make, I may just make my own.


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        I was looking at the Rockler myself, and finally decided to bite the bullet and purchased the stand-alone table with the FX Router Lift. One problem you may have with the extension router table that mounts on the saw is the thickness of the Rockler (and MLCS) tables.

        The tabletop is about the same thickness as the cast iron extension. Rockler and MLCS have built a wooden box frame under the tabletop for the purpose of attaching to the rails. It appeared to me that because the top is so thick (which is great from the standpoint of sturdiness), it is the top and not the box frame that is going to line up with the RIDGID rails, making installation difficult. I know others on this forum have bought the MLCS extension, which is essentially the same thing. Maybe someone will comment on that.

        I did not have the time to build the router table/cabinet from scratch right now, and the Rockler metal stand affords me the opportunity to get started quickly on a job that I am going to use my PC 895 on. Later, I will enclose the table with plywood sides and shelves.

        If you are looking at router table extensions for the TS3650, another good one to consider is from Mulecab. You can see it HERE.

        Good luck.

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          I compared rockler/woodcraft, diy, and sears. I just installed & would recommend the Mulecab. Works perfect & free shipping.

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            Did the mule cab increase in price to 139.00 or am I dreaming?


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              It appears you were having a nightmare and when you woke up it came back with you!