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  • Angle cutting question

    Hello all,

    I am trying to cut an angle along a piece of wood. I have a bandsaw that will cut almost any angle in one direction (by tilting the cutting surface). However, the max it can be tilted the other direction is 3 degrees. 1 degree less than I need. Any thoughts on how I could make this cut? I thought about using the table saw, however it to only cuts one direction (and not the one I need) at an angle. I've attached a little drawing of what I am trying to do that might help explain things better.

    Thanks again in advance,


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    Hi Pete----if this is for a tight joint, which will show in the finished project, I wouldn't use the band saw----sorry, don't see the drawing.

    Since you don't seem to have a CMS, here's what I'd suggest-----If you have some roller supports, etc., you could use to support the end of the wood, I'd use the table saw and clamp the wood to your miter gauge or attach a longer face to the miter gauge and clamp to that. Then put it through with a lot of downward force on the part of the wood on the saw table---hands well away from the blade. Otherwise, clamp a guide to the area needing the cut and use a circular saw.