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AC5001 Band Saw Rip Fence

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  • AC5001 Band Saw Rip Fence

    I searched the forum and found no references to anyone who has used any kind of rip fence on their band saw.

    I am looking for input on the quality/importance of a bolt on fence system (this one or otherwise) versus simple clamp down systems. I have seen the Ridgid model and it is quite a step down from the quality of fence on the TS tablesaws.

    I like the idea of a lock down fence, but got really good results last weekend making various thickness oak strips for door thresholds. I built a 5"x5" fence with gussets and just clamped that down to the table. A little hammer tap makes the adjustment.

    I have no problem with cost, just looking for best quality and flexibility.

    Thanks in advance.
    Thanh Rodke<br />Woodworker Stuck in a Computer Geek\'s Body...

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    Hi Mr. Rodke,
    I ordered the BS fence and like you, find it pretty cheesy. Agree that cost is not a factor... it just isn't up to Ridgid standards. It's too difficult to adjust for blade lead, too much hassle to remove when making curved cuts, and lock down is unacceptable to me. Have removed mine and gone back to "straight board and clamp".

    A better investment is a Timber Wolf blade from:

    you can't place an order online, have to call at:
    (800) 234-7297

    they are very helpful.

    rotsa ruck & bee safe

    Rodney J in TX