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Disappointed in Ridgid Service!

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  • Disappointed in Ridgid Service!

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to vent a little. I bought a ridgid DP 1550 on August 8th and had the dreaded idler pully alignment issue. I called up ridgid and was extremly happy with the support I recieved on the phone (Process warranty claim and send out the part asap). Well, I called back yesterday to find out where the part is, the lady I spoke with said that she wasn't sure but the order had been processed and that if she couldn't find it she would reprocess the order and I would recieve the pully in 2 weeks. She also said that she would track down the orginal order and call me back by the end of the day to let me know the results. No return call.

    Well,Monday will be three weeks since the inital purchase and the only thing that the DP is doing is wasting space in the shop. Due to poor manufacturing standards or quality control the idler makes the dp vibrate so bad that I use a $40.00 benchtop DP bought a K-mart on close out instead of the new floor model. It looks like it will be another two weeks before I can expect parts, assuming that no return call means that she was unable to determine the location of my parts. So it will be atleast five weeks since the purchase date before I will be able to use this piece of equipment.

    Most on this board have been happy with there purchase of ridgid equipment. My question is if any one has had problems with there equipment how was there experience with customer service?

    I keep thinking that maybe it's because they are in a transitional phase moving the woodworking equipment to OWT or what ever but it still is no excuse for such a lack of attention to detail. Besides they decided to sell their name so should honor the warranty that went with equipment that was produced under there company and standards.

    So should I keep the DP at this point and see if Ridgid can make this right or do I just take it back to HD and say it was a poorly built piece of equipment and ridgid did a unsatisfactory job of following though on their warranty?

    Any comments would be appreciated.


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    I'm assuming you've kept all the packaging since you experienced the pully issue during assembly. Although it's a PITA, since the DP is sitting doing nothing while you're waiting for the part to arrive, I'd take it back to HD for exchange.

    I'd keep within the 30 day return policy of HD, then there's no question of warranty one way or discussions...just rebate...rebuy.

    Part arrives, put on shelf as a reminder of the experience!



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      Check out the posts by wizkid regarding out of square TS wings. These two posts may be the preview of the "new" improved Ridgid.


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        I can't help but think that the problems Ryan and Whizkid have had are due to the transition. Afterall----this wasn't a clear-cut selling of the Ridgid company, lock, stock and inventory, or at least not that we've been told. Before this change, everyone I talked to had good service from Ridgid. And, in fairness, things may improve----right now, they're trying to kick off an entire new line of hand-power tools, in addition to painting everything orange! Why does that image remind me of the Queen of Hearts, in Alice in Wonderland, painting all the roses!


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          Scary thought, daveferg. Remember the queen's command of "off with their heads!" didn't sound all too healthy!
          If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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            Yea, but it WAS motivational!


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              Seriously, Ryan - you need to get back on the phone with Ridgid customer support. The couple of times that I have had problems with one of my Ridgid tools, they have always been great and have several times sent things out super-fast shipping, like next-day or something.

              I would call them up, express your frustation, and then ask for two things...

              1. When the part was shipped, and if it has not been shipped yet, for them to upgrade the shipping.

              2. Explain that you are a loyal Ridgid customer and would like to remain that way. However, your current experience has left you disgruntled. Ask them that they, in order to help you become that happy customer again, send you some drill press accessory free of charge. Something like the mortising attachment or whatever.

              When I had bad experiences after the purchase of my bandsaw, I requested something similar. They came through and sent me the bandsaw rip fence for free. Now, the herk-u-lift system would have been much more helpful, but you get the point.

              Try it - be nice, persistent, and I betcha it will work.

              In the greater scheme of things, customer loyalty and company reputation is MUCH more important then the loss a company makes on a give-a-way of a $50-$75 part or whatever. Ridgid, as far as I have been able to tell, understands that concept.

              Furthermore, the reps always seem to be enthused about Ridgid tools, which is always a good sign...

              Good luck!