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    Hey gang. I posted a message last week about the Delta Router Shaper. After reading the responses, I think I am going to mount my PC7529 under a table and get a new handheld.

    Now....what table. I am going to convert my 2424 to the 3612 rip capacity and plan on adding a router table to the right side. Anyone have a preference as to the table? What I have found thus far are tables made by Benchdog, Rockler and Mulecab.

    I like the Rockler table for its aluminum router plate, but I like the auxilary fence on the mulecab because it attaches to the rip fence on the saw. The benchdog is probably out based on its price.

    What does everyone think?
    Brad Hatchett<br />

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    If you're planning on adding the table to the right side----think you'll have to keep the weight in mind. On a similar set up, with my Craftsman, I built the table myself and when the router was in it, with just the original ts legs, it was a bit tippy. You might have to consider separate leg supports, if you go with one of these MDF/Lam' monsters. Sort of something to consider along with other pros/cons of the rt in the ts.

    I'd certainly go with whatever top required the least amount of modification to fit the saw. When I built mine, it was fairly easy, as I had the Biesemeyer fence rails, which make adding a table very easy.